The Magic of the Stiletto

When I was creating the logo for the Happy Feat Fundraiser, I knew I wanted to incorporate an image of something fun, feminine, powerful…transformative. I found myself thinking back to a special pair of “high-heeled” shoes I had when I was a child.
I grew up on Loring Place in the Bronx, with my parents and four siblings. We lived on the second floor of a five story walk up. Both my parents were Irish immigrants, arriving in New York in the mid-1950’s with little more than a grammar school education. They met at a dance, married, and scrimped, hoping to give their children a better life than the one they had left behind in Ireland. With seven mouths to feed there wasn’t money for “extras.”I learned very quickly the difference between a need and a want
One day, when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I was outside playing jump rope on the sidewalk in front of our apartment with my friends. A young woman from our apartment building came downstairs to drop off her trash. She had a large box in her arms and peaking out of the top of the box was the toe-point of a pink shoe. My friends and I all noticed her. She was dressed very stylishly, her hair was long and jet-black and she wore a lot of makeup. After she went back upstairs we ran to see what exactly was in the box…and there they were, a pair of hot pink high-heeled shoes.
We took them out, and passed them between us. I had never held anything so exotic. We all wanted them, but decided the fairest way to decide who would keep them was to see which of us could walk in them. When my turn came, I slipped them on and was instantly transformed into Cinderella. They fit like a glove (who knew I would be happy to have such large feet as a child). I not only walked down the “runway” we had created, I walked up and down the stairs that lead out to the sidewalk in front of our building! The decision was unanimous. The shoes were mine. I ran home with my treasure and hid them behind the couch where I slept. Everyday after school I put them on and became a movie star… a model… a queen.
As I write this, I can still feel the joy I felt parading around in those shoes. They made me feel special, important, and beautiful. They took me away from my surroundings and gave me a glimpse of a better life. They transformed me.
Just like the stiletto that is part of our logo, the Happy Feat Fundraiser seeks to recognize the charities that transform the lives of the people they serve.
– Eileen Stetter, Founder and President of The Happy Feat Fundraiser

The stiletto is a quintessential symbol of positive transformation.