Our Story


“Yes, we need it, but they need it more.”

Eileen Stetter founded the Happy Feat Fundraiser in 2010 with the support of a close group of friends from Norfolk, MA. The fundraiser was founded in memory of Eileen’s mother, Mary Anne McGowan.

After her mother passed away in December 2009, Eileen spent time thinking about her mother and her life. She needed a way to keep her memory alive. Eileen realized that her mother’s generous spirit was one trait she had inherited. Growing up, Eileen recalls a childhood where it was often difficult to afford the basics, but if someone came to her mother and asked for help she never hesitated. Her mother would say, “Yes, we need it, but they need it more.” Another trait Eileen inherited was her mother’s love of dancing. Anywhere and everywhere there was music Eileen and her mom would take to the dance floor.

Eileen decided to combine these two traits and create a dance party that would raise money for those less fortunate. The event would be for ladies only partly because women usually dominate every dance floor, and because Eileen’s mom was a single parent for most of her life. Eileen  wanted to create an event that her mother would have been comfortable attending.

Every year, Eileen and her volunteer committee choose a local non-profit recipient for the fundraiser. They believe that they can make the most impact if they partner with smaller charities that are local. “Our fundraiser gives smaller charities much-needed publicity, as well as funding.”

All monies raised at the fundraiser, less expenses and minor administrative costs, are donated to the designated charity for that particular year. Monies raised are derived from ticket sales, generous corporate and individual donations, sponsorships, raffles and silent auction items.

Once a year, women of all ages and backgrounds join together to kick up their heels and support those less fortunate. Completely organized and run by volunteers, Happy Feat is a labor of LOVE!